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Motorola GR1225 Repeater
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Motorola GR1225 Repeater

Motorola GR1225 Features

The GR1225 has the following features:

  • 12.5/25 kHz Switchable Channel Spacing - with X-Pand Technology
  • Compact Styling - The GR1225 accommodates a built-in power supply as well as numerous internally housed accessories such as a duplexer, battery revert and an enhanced controller.
  • Adjustable Power - Each channel can be programmed to either 25 or 45 (UHF) or 25 or 50 (VHF) watts to meet various coverage needs.
  • 2-Character Numeric LED Display - Green light illuminates the channel that's in use.
  • Battery Back-Up Tone - When the battery revert kit is installed, it alerts users that they are operating on the back-up battery supply.
  • Time-Out Timer - Programmable from 1-255 seconds, this feature prevents a group from monopolizing the repeater with a single transmission.
  • Repeater Enable/Disable - Temporarily enables or disables repeater operation from the front panel to allow use as a base station for dispatch operation.
  • CWID (Continuous Wave Identification) - Continuous Wave Identification uses Morse code to automatically send out the station ID to identify the transmitting repeater.
  • Courtesy Beep - This programmable alert indicates when a person is through talking so that other users are free to respond.
  • Programmable Relay Delay - This “hangtime” keeps the repeater transmitter keyed from 0 to 7 seconds after the radio user releases the Push-to talk switch to enable other users to respond without having to re-activate the repeater.
  • AdvantagePort Expandability - Allow an authorized dealer to add an Advantage Board to upgrade the repeater functionality.

Motorola GR1225 Description

You can have X-Pand and all the advantages of a Motorola Repeater with the GR1225. With 16 programmable channels, you can talk on either a 25 or a 12.5 kHz channel allowing a seamless, economical transition to the narrower bandwidth. Two-way users won't want to be without this greatly expanded audio quality at 12.5 kHz. The GR1225 makes a perfect complement to the 1225 Series Two-Way Radios.

Motorola GR1225 Applications

The GR1225 Repeater can be used for a variety of applications.

Here are a few examples of some key industries:

  • Convention Centers
  • Delivery & Courier Operations
  • Highway or Jobsite Construction
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Facilities
  • Rental Operations
  • Rural Police, Fire and Ambulance
  • Security
  • Transportation services

Motorola GR1225 Models

Factory Assembled Models

  • NH5165
    GR1225 146 - 174 MHz, 1-10 Watt

  • NH5158
    GR1225 146 - 174 MHz, 25 - 50 Watt

  • NH5164
    GR1225 444 - 474 MHz, 1-10 Watt

  • NH5157
    GR1225 444 - 474 MHz, 25 - 45 Watt

Motorola GR1225 Accessories

Duplexer can be internally installed to allow a single antenna to be used instead of two separate antennas to transmit and receive simultaneously.

Desk Microphone converts a desktop repeater into a dispatch
radio for office personnel use. 

Portable Carry Case allows easy transport for use as a back-up or
emergency repeater.

Battery Revert Battery Revert Automatic back-up power allows continued use when power goes down. Also includes float maintenance charger to keep battery charged when not in use.

ZR340 Advanced Interconnect Controller provides advanced telephone interconnect capability with stored telephone numbers, access/override codes, dialing restrictions, call timers, direct-air access and Continuous Wave Identification (CWID).

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